The public has embraced the world of fantasy art like never before. Its fascinating creatures and landscapes have captivated people’s imaginations worldwide, with its colorful artwork often going beyond reality.


Its vivid illustrations inspired by various creatures, mythical places, and fantastic elements all create a fascinating universe that sparks the imagination. 

Fantasy art is also seen as an escape from real life, allowing people to explore a different world that doesn’t necessarily have to be constrained by reality.

If you are an artist who is on his way to becoming a master of fantasy art, you should start by getting some inspiration. 


7 Best Websites To Get Inspiration On Fantasy Art

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best websites to get inspiration on fantasy art. Let’s dive into it. 

What is Fantasy Art?

Fantasy art is a genre that allows for a wide range of creative expression and imagination. It is a form of visual storytelling that uses symbolism, metaphors, vibrant colors, and intricate details to bring captivating and imaginative worlds to life.

Fantasy art is not limited to any specific medium and can be found in a variety of forms, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and digital art.

Artists use many techniques and styles to create fantasy art, from traditional to digital and even AI-generated.

Fantasy Art Style Key Factors

Fantasy art styles incorporate elements of magic and mythical creatures to convey deeper meanings and emotions.

These elements in fantasy art can reflect the fears, hopes, and dreams of society.

Fantasy art also draws inspiration from various cultural events, myths, legends, and stories from different cultures. 

It allows fantasy art to have a universal appeal as it taps into the shared human experience.

Using otherworldly landscapes in fantasy art can create a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer.

Fantasy art styles often feature elements from different cultures, such as dragons from Chinese mythology, unicorns from European folklore, and gods and goddesses from ancient mythology.

Fantasy art styles often include vivid and imaginative imagery, focusing on creating a sense of escapism and wonder.

It’s not limited to one medium and can be found in various forms, such as illustration, painting, sculpture, digital art, and animation.

Fantasy art styles allow for a lot of creative freedom and experimentation, as it is not bound by the constraints of reality.

Many fantasy art styles are deeply rooted in fantasy literature and role-playing games, which have a significant impact on the visual representation of fantasy art.

Fantasy art styles may also touch on darker themes, such as horror, as it is not limited by the conventions of reality.

Fantasy art styles can also be used in commercial applications, such as book covers, movie posters, video game concept art, and more.

History of Fantasy Art

The history of fantasy art can be traced back to the earliest human civilizations, with ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Norse depicting fantastical creatures and myths in their art.

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However, it was not until the 19th century that fantasy art began to be recognized as a distinct genre. The works of artists such as J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, and J.K. Rowling have been a major influence on the genre.

Fantasy art has evolved through the years, and now there are many different styles and movements within the genre.

1. is a great website to get inspiration on fantasy art as it offers a wide range of fantasy art for purchase, including digital art, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more.

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It has a vast collection of fantasy art from different artists and styles, it is easy to navigate and the artworks are categorized by mediums, styles, and subjects. With a simple search on the website, you can find fantasy artworks that suit your preference and inspire you.

2. is another great website to find inspiration on fantasy art as it offers a variety of fantasy art for purchase, including digital prints and original works.

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The website has a wide range of fantasy art that suits different styles and preferences. It is easy to navigate and search. Fantasy art on Etsy is created by independent artists and offers a unique and personal touch that can inspire your fantasy art creations.

3. is a great website for inspiration on fantasy art as it offers a wide variety of fantasy art and a group of fantasy artists to connect with.

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The website features different fantasy art styles, from traditional to digital, and has a large community of fantasy artists. You can explore different artworks, follow your favorite artists and join in discussions on the website to get inspiration and connect with other fantasy artists.

4. is a great website for inspiration on fantasy art, as it offers a collection of fantasy art prints for purchase and inspiration.

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The website has a wide range of fantasy art prints that can be used to decorate your home or office, from fantasy landscapes to characters and creatures. The website is easy to navigate and search and offers different styles of fantasy art that can inspire your fantasy art creations.

5. is a great website for inspiration on fantasy art as it offers a wide variety of fantasy art as free stock images.

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The website has a wide range of fantasy art that can be used for personal or commercial use, from fantasy landscapes to characters and creatures. The website is easy to search and offers several art styles that can inspire your imagination.

6. is a website that offers fantasy art created with AI technology.

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The website features a collection of artworks that were generated by AI and can be a source of inspiration for fantasy art. The website is easy to navigate and showcases the possibilities of AI in creating fantasy art, and can inspire you to experiment with AI technology in your fantasy art creations.

7. is a website that offers a free guide on painting and drawing fantasy art as a source of inspiration and guidance.

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The website provides tutorials, tips, and techniques for creating fantasy art, from the careers of established fantasy painters and artists to step-by-step instructions for creating your own fantasy art. The website is a great resource for fantasy artists of all skill levels and can inspire you to create something stunning. 

Our Takeaway

Many websites offer inspiration and guidance on fantasy art, from digital stock images to tutorials and techniques. These websites are a great way to open the gate of imagination. With the help of such websites, you can meet your creative needs, express yourself and even make a living out of it.

Moreover, you can learn to create your unique fantasy art and be part of the flourishing world of fantasy art.


Fantasy art is popular because it allows us to explore our imaginations and create something that is both visually stunning and emotionally captivating. You can choose the website that best suits your preferences and skill level to find inspiration and create unique fantasy art.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, or just exploring the possibilities, the websites listed above and check out our website will help you create amazing works of fantasy art. 

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