Anime Fans say hello to Niji Journey AI! One of the best mode for Midjourney has arrived.

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Niji Journey can help you create anime art style in a matter of seconds.

In this blog you’ll get a quick overview on Niji Journey

What is Niji Journey AI

Niji Journey AI is an innovative text-to-image conversion tool designed to create breathtaking anime art. Developed through a collaboration between Spellbrush and Midjourney, the platform uses advanced AI technology to convert natural language descriptions into beautiful, accurate anime images!

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Users can quickly describe any desired characters, settings or actions in words for Niji Journey AI’s algorithms; these will then generate respective artwork that captures all of their unique specifications. 

Whether you are looking for something whimsical like chibi designs or edgier creations featuring unusual data – this user friendly program provides endless possibilities when it comes to bringing your imagination come alive with stunning Details and inspiration!

Who is Niji Journey AI For?

Niji Journey AI is for all types of creators, from aspiring animators to experienced professionals but it’s targeted for mostly anime lovers. It enables users to bring their ideas to life with incredible speed and accuracy. 

Converting natural language into artwork in real-time, it eliminates the need for manual drawing and drastically reduces design times.

The system is also perfect for casual hobbyists as it provides access to an unprecedented number of design options, allowing everyone from novices to artists, to explore the world of anime art.

How Does Niji Journey AI Work?

Easy. Just add in –niji at the end of your prompt.

If you’ll like a detail of how to write prompts inside Mijourney please check out our (Link to our 131 text-to-image prompt Midjourney blog)

With Niji Journey AI, anime lovers of all levels can create stunning artwork with ease. Whether you’re already an experienced artist or a complete novice – this tool makes generating high-quality anime art accessible to everyone!

Fans, creators, and enthusiasts alike can use the tool to craft memorable characters for their stories and games without needing any prior artistic experience. 

So if you want to join the world of amazing storytellers that bring their creations to life through vibrant illustrations.

Join the Niji Journey Discord community and be warmly welcomed by niji journey Bot! It’s designed to help you get started in a way that’s convenient, and interactive – just like its Midjourney counterpart. Come join our vibrant community today!

Get the most out of your Niji Journey experience by taking advantage of its direct messaging feature! With a paid subscription, you can easily send photos and messages to our helpful bot without worrying about any confusion from other users.

What benefits does Niji Journey AI provide?

Niji Journey AI creates stunningly authentic anime artworks that are indistinguishable from traditional styles – all thanks to its expansive collection of illustrations powered by cutting-edge algorithms. 

Its deep learning technology allows it to capture key elements like large eyes and small mouths for a truly anime-like result.

Niji Journey AI offers a unique and creative way to unleash your imagination! With its amazing capabilities, you can craft captivating anime-style illustrations for all kinds of situations, from fantasy worlds to everyday life. It even lets users customize characters be they humans, animals, or robots with different looks and poses for each one!

Niji Journey AI is an incredible tool allowing anime lovers, content creators and artists to create spectacular artwork effortlessly. Its simple interface enables users of all artistic experience levels to produce stunning fan art, original characters, and more with professional-level quality! 

Unleashing the power of Niji Journey AI gives anyone a unique chance to make their dreams come true in no time.

Niji Journey AI Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

If you’re an avid fan of Midjourney, then it’s time to double your pleasure! With a bundle subscription option now available for both Niji Journey and Midjourney, those who are already paying subscribers can instantly add on access to the other product. 

Don’t have a current subscription? No worries – just purchase either one from Discord servers or their website and get ready for twice as much fun!



Generating an image, upscaling it, or producing its variations should no longer be a source of worry – 200 high-quality images can be crafted in just one minute! Think faster with this amazing speed and efficiency.

Basic Includes:

  • Fast GPU hours: 200 minutes/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Not Available



With Niji Journey, the recommended approach is to make use of all 900 actions. After that, you can initiate “relax” mode and watch as your images come alive! Depending on how many people are using it alongside yourself and their priority in the queue, generation times will vary between 1 – 20 minutes.

Standard Includes:

  • Fast GPU hours: 15 hours/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Unlimited



Additional Features: stealth mode feature is only available on this plan, it allows you to keep your images private on the Midjourney gallery website, this feature is not accessible on the lower plans.

Pro Includes:

  • Fast GPU Hours: 30 hours/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Unlimited

Niji Journey AI Alternatives

If Niji Journey isn’t for you, other alternatives provide similar services.


NovelAI is a powerful story generator software that uses modern, cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to generate creative and unique stories with incredible speed. NovelAI harnesses the power of deep learning algorithms to produce high-quality content in seconds.

Source : NovelAI

By leveraging the latest advancements in natural language processing, NovelAI can understand context and intent, allowing it to generate stories that are both accurate and compelling. It can create engaging stories that rival those written by experienced authors.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a revolutionary new way to create stunningly realistic images from any text input. Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, it can transform any type of text into an image that looks and feels like a photograph taken in real life.

Source : Stable Diffusion

The technology works by taking a text input and analyzing it for cues such as color, movement, and direction. It then creates an image from the input using its proprietary AI engine. A stable Diffusion is a great tool for creating realistic images with minimal effort or time investment.

Jasper AI ART

Jasper AI ART is a powerful AI-based image creation tool that generates images with stunning detail and realism. It can create static and dynamic images, allowing users to produce incredibly lifelike visuals that look like professional photographs.

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Source : Jasper AI ART

This unique technology allows users to generate high-quality artwork in just minutes, saving you time and money. With its intuitive controls, Jasper AI ART is perfect for designers of all experience levels.

Dall E 2

Dall E 2 is a revolutionary AI-based image creation and manipulation tool that can turn any text into eye-catching visuals. It utilizes deep learning algorithms to create stunning images in no time at all.

Source : Dalle2

The technology works by analyzing the input text for cues such as tone, meaning, and context. 

Niji Journey AI is an incredible tool for quickly and easily creating original images and art. It utilizes an advanced deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) system to interpret text inputs, analyze the context, identify concepts and attributes, and generate stunning visuals in no time at all. Its intuitive controls allow users of all experience levels to create stunningly realistic images with minimal effort.


If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to create art, Niji Journey AI is the perfect tool for you. Whether you’re an aspiring animator or an experienced professional, this text-to-image conversion tool offers a unique and creative way to unleash your imagination.

Niji Journey FAQ

When will Niji Journey launch publicly?

Now it’s live!  This prompt -niji will activate your Midjourney Account if you have one. Join their discord if you are not already a member.

Can I DM the Niji Journey Bot?

Yes, Once you’ve accessed their discord server. Get in touch with the bot (a subscription plan is required)

Can I add the Niji Journey Bot to my own server, just like the Midjourney Bot?

Yes, of course!

Does Niji Journey consume my Midjourney fast hours?

Yes, there is no difference in the fast hours between the tools. To find out how many fast hours you have left, send the “/info” command to either the Niji Journey bot or the Midjourney bot.

Does Niji Journey share the same settings as Midjourney?

Yes, The tools have the same settings.

How to gain access to Niji Journey?

You can type /settings to change your Midjourney bot to Niji Mode, which is the same as using the –niji command.
Here is the link to their official website,

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